Feb 2, 2008

Military Medicine as another example of socialized health care 

Did you know that there is an almost six decade old Supreme Court ruling that does not allow military members to sue the military for negligence or medical malpractice for injuries unrelated to their service? It's known as the Feres Doctrine, and I had never heard of it until just now, but then it struck me that I could not recall ever hearing of a military malpractice suit involving the actual service member (though I had heard of some with regards to dependents). The court ruling is upheld so that "good order and discipline" are maintained. What's actually happened is a wide range of 'negligence' events have been shoved under one ruling when they should be handled independently, and the Feres Doctrine's power with regards to health care is unbelievable. What you are about to see is the end result of allowing failure to go unchallenged.

This report is very difficult to watch. I mean as in the story of Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez may make you physically ill. I wanted to cry. You will too.

Semper Fi, Sgt. And God I'm sorry.

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