Feb 27, 2008

"Staying in the shadow... that's my price..." 

Very cool story about the rebirth of the Iraqi Air Force today on CNN. These guys are doing great stuff with what they have, which ain't much right now.

It isn't included on the video here, but right after the story, reporter Kyra Phillips was asked by those back in the studio what was next for the Iraqi Air Force. Her answer? Start packin' Hellfires. That made me and the guys I work with shudder slightly, for two reasons. One: at what level is weapons release authority held for THAT (aka who OK's the shot)? And two: how the hell do you wire up a Cessna to shoot Hellfire? Is that even safe?

Anyway, pretty interesting.

Also in aircraft related news (and speaking of "is that safe?"), a 777 did a flyby at the Boeing factory back near home. Without authorization. Stupid. Ballsy, but stupid. Cool to watch though. Vid here.


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