Mar 29, 2008

Glamour Shots 

Check out the photos linked at this story, courtesy of the Associated (w/terrorists) Press.

Interesting how the press suddenly regains interest in Iraq when shooting starts, not when shooting stops. More interesting is how every picture seems to be of Mookie's boys, the Mahdi Militia, down in Basra and not a one of Iraqi Army or Police (unless they're prisoners of the Militia). And in none of these pictures are Mookie's boys in a fight. In other words, these are pure, unadulterated, unabashed propaganda. My favorites are pics 17, 18, & 19, wherein these guys do their best impression of Pallywood, sighting in on nothing, while the photog captures their lion-hearted spirit with some sweet low-angle shots. Gimme a break.

Anybody want to listen for the tumbleweed blowing across the press room after Mookie's boys get their asses handed to them by US, UK, and Iraqi Army forces in the next two weeks? You probably won't hear it, but it'll be notable by it's absence.

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