Mar 4, 2008


Dude, you're a dumbass. Not just because you get your rocks off by abusing a puppy, but because you do so while wearing the uniform of a US Marine. I haven't seen the video because it's apparently been taken off YouTube. But even if it's fake, and the puppy was already dead (as has been suggested), just look at the comments to this news story (UPDATE: Video is at this link, and after seeing it I can't tell if it is or isn't legit). You just confirmed all the nutjobbers worst suspicions about the Marine Corps.
"Cowardley men"...

"I wouldn't want these people defending me..."

Smoothe move jackass. Granted, these people probably wouldn't like us regardless, but ya don't give them ammo.

Look, we all know that grunts are a little kooky, and blood makes the grass grow, and napalm sticks to kids, and yadda yadda yadda... but c'mon. This is unsat. Do that stuff around me and you'll get stomped.

During the fighting for Fallujah, and at certain other times in Iraq, I've heard that stray dogs have been authorized to be shot on sight because they were disease vectors. But this is something else entirely. This serves no purpose whatsoever. I hope the command down at K-Bay lands on your head, you moron.

Ugh. I need a palate cleanser...

UPDATE: More cleanser...

Ahh. Clean.

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