Apr 26, 2008

The Big Dog 

Toby Keith played Baghdad tonight and your truly was there. This finally puts me even with the Wif, who saw him in 2006 in San Diego without me. Now if we could only see a show together!

Of course, this was a favorite. (video is from Fallujah in 2006)

And when you're in a crowd full of folks who would like nothing more than to be back in America, that song means something. But some folks obviously wanted to be here. The female soldier with the prosthetic leg, for instance.

Yeah. You read that right. Saw her after the show on her way out. I don't know how many amputees have been deployed back to the war zone. In fact I think there's only one in the whole Marine Corps, and he had to fight to get back. But there was this soldier. Didn't look like she was more than 21. Maybe a bit older, but not much. Wow.

As fer me? This is the song the Wif called me during when she went because it was "my tune." Yeah, I'll buy that...

Oh, and Toby said the drinks are on him, so now I have a new destination when I get home. Or two. Or three.

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