Apr 22, 2008

A rarity 

"Things I agree with al Qaeda on" is, indeed, a very short list. In fact, I think it only consists of two items: they want to kill me, and they were responsible for 9/11. Zawahiri restates these issues in his latest missive to the West, wherein he gets all worked up about Mahmoud recently declaring - again - that it may have been those eeeevil JOOOOS who brought down the twin towers. I find this quite amusing, considering that we'd like to smoke both of these jackasses, and here they are flinging poo at each other. It would be more amusing however, if The Onion hadn't already done it better.


PS- Happy Earth Day. To become more in tune with the Earth, I'm spending today covered in a fine layer of sand... as I travel as quickly as possible between air conditioned spaces that are spewing out greenhouse gasses by the metric shit-ton. Suck it Algore.

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