May 16, 2008

Wear it anyway 

Graduates attending the commencement ceremony at Bloomer High School May 31 will be required to wear caps and gowns, according to a policy set by the Bloomer School Board Monday night.

Setting that policy appears to be in direct response to a request by one graduate, Daniel Lingen, to wear his Marine Corps dress blue uniform.
Daniel Lingen completed his high school program by January, and so was allowed to go directly to the Marine Corps. According to his father, Daniel graduated from the basic training program in a ceremony.

Daniel is still part of the BHS graduating class, though, and when it came time to order his cap and gown, said he didn't want to do so because he wanted to wear his Marine dress blue uniform.
Screw 'em, kid. You're already out. What are they gonna do, send you to detention?

God, I wish this kid was already an NCO so he could show up with the sword. Think of the unholy hell THAT would unleash...

H/t to MM, who points out two more migrane-inspiring stories here.

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