Jun 14, 2008

Send in the Marines police 

A lot of people are up in arms about the fact that the US Supreme Court has effectively told the US military that we have to read Miranda Rights to any person on the battlefield who we might take prisoner.

As Ed Morrisey puts it -
The 5-4 decision reverses over 200 years of American war precedent, as well as turn the Geneva Convention on its head. Unlawful combatants now have more rights than POWs, whom the GC forbids access to civilian courts. POWs facing war-crimes charges have to be tried in military tribunals, not civil courts, but terrorists somehow now have better standing than those captured in uniform.
Combine this with career-ending witch hunts like the Haditha case (which have produced NOTHING, except for the ruin of good Marines) and you have effectively detoothed the guard dogs. Why should good soldiers fight when they can be prosecuted for attacking the enemy or watch their newly captured prisoner be set free when some paper hanging son of a bitch back in the rear decides they didn't do a thorough enough job at playing CSI?

If this decision stands, every battlefield becomes a crime scene - every combat action a criminal action. Our only option for the conduct of actual war will be to try kill everything that moves but do it in such a way that the taking of prisoners is rendered impossible. Meaning we'll go back to crowd pleasers like Operation Infinite Reach and Operation Desert Fox... the latter of which was SO successful, that I'm here in Baghdad only because I enjoy the climate, obviously...

Either that, or we go with Operation Hicks: we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

And thusly, I quote from a man who is presently spinning is his grave like an electric dynamo - Gen George Patton - who once said, "May God deliver us from our friends; we can handle the enemy."

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