Sep 3, 2008

Pinkos for Palin? 

Not if the Secret Service has anything to say about it... and they do.
10:45 p.m. A pair of Code Pink activists just got to the very edge of the stage and were a moment away from apparently running on stage, right by the Kentucky slot on the floor next to a host of McCain's most senior staffers. Secret Service men grabbed them at last minute and literally dragged them out.
While watching C-Span coverage of the RNC, I could have sworn I saw ol' Droopy getting her ugly ass hauled out halfway through Gov. Palin's speech. I hope the riot cops saved one of those fire extinguisher-size pepper spray canisters just for her. What a bitch.

UPDATE (Post-McCain): More Pinkos try to shout down McCain, get dragged off and hopefully force-fed an arrest warrant attached to the business end of a nightstick. McCain's speech started slow but finished strong.

Side note - dug the use of Heart's "Barracuda" as a post-speech musical nod to the VP pick. Apparently the commenters over at CNN didn't. To a question as searingly stupid as "has anyone asked Heart if they endorse this campaign?," I respond, did anyone ask Brooks & Dunn the same before Barack played "Only in America" at the end of his convention? Though Kix Brooks doesn't seem to mind, the answer is no. The RNC just played "Centerfield" by John Fogerty too, and I'm pretty sure that guy isn't voting Republican. It's just music. Get a grip, you freaks.

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