Jan 3, 2009

Fighting with YouTube 

For the both of you who pay attention to these things, you'll note that my YouTube page has decreased in size by 66% over the last month or so because they keep yanking my vids over copyright issues. Yes, yes, I read the agreement when I signed up so I knew this might happen, but it's still irksome. I'm pretty sure neither Johnny Cash's estate nor Nickelback will be hurting about the profits they've lost from the less-than-2000-combined views my videos got featuring their songs. I figure it's only a matter of time before they come after my last video featuring AC/DC.

Since I used the music as the backbone that propped up the images, I'll not be accepting their craptastic offer to replace it with some of the mind-numbing elevator-worthy crap that they so graciously offer. Instead I'll be starting a LiveLeak channel soon. Much like the IDF.

Happy New Year.

UPDATE, 10 Jan: LiveLeak channel now added to the sidebar. While they are less likely to yank the videos than YouTube, I must say I'm less than impressed with the video quality. Compare my Marine Corps Birthday videos at both sites to see what I mean. But, at least they'll still be up somewhere.

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