Jan 11, 2009

Well, heaven f@%king forfend 

This is what passes for controversy these days: Prince Harry using the word "raghead" with his squad mates on his way to war. Thank Christ he didn't say "haji", huh? Oh, right... that was me.

Part of every war since the earth cooled and the last dinosaur keeled over has involved nicknaming the enemy, typically in a manner that belittles or dehumanizes him. Maybe it's a self-defensive thing so that you don't think about the fact that you're aiming to kill your fellow man, or maybe it's just because you hate the little S.O.B. that hates you. Whatever the reason, I can't get worked up about it. In fact the video's pretty funny as far as I'm concerned. I especially like the exit question about being a ginger. Obviously, royalty buys you no breaks with your squaddies...

UPDATE: Just watched it again and noted the copyright at the very last second - "News of the World - Our Lawyers Are Watching." Nothing says classy like a "news" organization that prides itself on it's ability to sue your ass into the ground. Slick.

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