Feb 22, 2009

Oscar night 

Who cares? Got home just in time to see them announce the win for Heath Ledger, and that's all I wanted to see anyway. Otherwise, watching that many airheads break their arms patting themselves on the back lost my interest over a decade ago.

Which is not to say I hate film. In fact I love it. And when I said "got home," it was in fact from a movie.

Taken. Read that review. Then get thyself to a theater.

Holy. Crap.

It was like watching '24'... but one where the Jack Bauer goes to 11 (another film reference, that if you don't get, you are simply useless). Why is it that Hollywood is the biggest group of tools to scream about places like Gitmo, but are more than happy to have their heroes use torture on the big screen if it puts butts in the seats?

Quite simply, this film puts on full display the concept of sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs, and does so brilliantly. Sometimes the good guys have to do hurtful, distasteful things. Things bordering on horrific. But when the sheep are threatened, the wolves must pay a price. It's sad that celluloid is the only place that a concept that should be taken for granted can be found acceptable any more. Like The Dark Knight or 300, this is a film that's deeper than just a good story - it's a wake-up call. Find it now before it rotates out of your local mega-plex.

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