Mar 1, 2009

Public service announcement 

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Just because you're "trying," doesn't mean you're "working," you tools.

I will never rent another car through Avis, ever. Or maybe it's just their Florida shops that are entirely peopled with idiots, because I never had this problem in California. See, in Cali, I lived about 2 blocks from an Avis and it was cheaper to rent a car for a trip to the airport than to take a cab. Never an issue. Not once. The people holding down the Florida locations however, are completely retarded.

I am still to this day in possession of a Washington State driver's license. Quasi-socialists though they may be, they are still cool enough up there to give you a license with a "military" expiry. That is, up to 90 days past whenever I get out, I still have a valid license. I've been driving on the same one for 10 years.

This does not compute for Avis. They would not rent me a car (a minivan, in point of fact, because I wanted to haul around a great multitude of visiting family today) because they THINK I have an expired license. I explained to the woman at the counter. I explained to the woman on the phone who was the closest thing to a supervisor there was. No dice. "Well the system says..." "What system? Your system? Because the DMV hasn't said a damn thing to me, so your system is worthless." "Well, sir, uh..." "Yeah - UHHHH... you're useless. Kill my order, cancel it. I'm done with you."

This would be the second time Avis has screwed me on a car. There will not be a third. The first was mid-2007 when The Wif and I came down here house-hunting, only to have the jackass behind the counter incorrectly enter my license ID number, say that the license was invalid and then scurry off back to her hole before I realized what she'd done. This was at the airport at around 1 in the morning with my 7+ months preggo Wif in tow. And like Jerry Seinfeld, I had a reservation...

So, to any readers out there across the fruited plain who may be in possession of a driver's license like mine, be advised that Avis will likely screw you and they are a waste of time, space, and effort. In short, they are oxygen bandits, stealing perfectly good air from the rest of the people and contributing to global stupidity.

And to Avis, I hope you get bought out by Enterprise and that they keep the cars but fire all the employees.

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