Apr 14, 2009

Ex-Marine gets yet another bye 

After being honored with an award from the Secretary of the Navy, Rep. John Murtha - Corrupt, Lying Porkocrat (Pa.) - has now managed to skate for defaming Marines accused (but never convicted, or for the most part even brought to trial) of the "massacre" in Haditha. His defense? "I'm above your laws, petty mortals."

Murtha, a former Marine, used his congressional immunity as his defense, arguing that he made those statements to the press in his official capacity as a member of Congress. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on Tuesday ruled that Wuterich can't sue Murtha.
Semper I, huh motherf@cker? Way to sea-lawyer the $hit out of the actual law, you tool. So here's to John Murtha and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals - co-winners of Douche of the Week.

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