Apr 7, 2009

Fair and balanced 

In light of the link I put up two days ago regarding the comparative appearances before a group of troops by both the current POTUS and the former one, I now provide you with the vid of Mr Obama's visit to Baghdad today. Is this event more comparable to the one when W. visited Anbar? Sure it is. Does Obama get some love in Baghdad? Sure he does. Is it to the same level of fervor? I'll leave that to you to decide.

Regardless of what the troops thought of him, no one seemed to think more highly of his impact in Iraq than the man himself, though.
"It's important for us to use all of our influence to encourage the parties to resolve these issues in ways that are equitable. I think that my presence here can help do that."
Sure, why not? Sunni and Shi'ite have only been at each other's throats for the last thousand years or so in that region. America - through many different organizations, but mostly the military - has been trying to bring order to chaos for the last 6-plus years. But one afternoon in country and that $h!t's wired tight, just by his mere presence.

And to prove once again that the press neither knows nor cares about anything related to the military, ABC happily reports that "The president was expected to hand out 10 Medals of Valor" while he was there. Exqueeze me? Just WTF is a 'Medal of Valor'? No such animal exists in the US military. Was he giving away the Israeli Medal of Valor? Because that would probably piss off the Iraqis. Of course, they probably mean "medals FOR valor" which could be any of a plethora, especially when you start adding on that "Combat V".

All that being said, I leave you with the inside scoop on POTUS' Baghdad trip, as provided by TOTUS.

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