Jun 15, 2009

Winning the battles, losing the war 

For all the buzz about the recent release of those Uighurs from Gitmo, here's a little tidbit that has been largely overlooked, and is - to my mind - of much greater significance.
During a hearing in Guantanamo in October 2004, Zuhair was accused of involvement in the 1995 killing in Bosnia-Herzegovina of William Jefferson, a U.S. official with the United Nations. At the tribunal, U.S. officials said Jefferson's watch was found on Zuhair.
Regardless of whether they ever did or did not train with Al Qaeda, the Uighurs never personally attacked us. In fact, their main beef is with the Red Commie Chinese, which tells me that we at least have grounds for an understanding of some sort. But Ahmed Zuhair - murderer, car bomber convicted in absentia by the Bosnians, and self-professed participant in the attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 American sailors - is unquestionably an enemy of America. And he is now sitting in Saudi Arabia, taking part in their "terrorist rehabilitation program"... which of course means that you'll see him again soon, coming to a theater (of operations) near you.

Like Pakistan, the Saudi's don't give a flying f@#k about terrorism, provided it doesn't happen inside their borders and isn't a threat to their rule. They'll be more than happy to house and feed the guy for a while. And then, when they think enough time has gone by, he'll up and disappear. And the Saudis will be shocked, shocked, by his "escape".

This is what happens when terrorists are handled in the same manner as shoplifters. Guantanamo IS NOT the 37th Precinct holding tank and the animals contained therein should not be treated like common con-men and thieves who can lawyer up, be let out on bail, or get off on technicalities. But what the hell do I know? Maybe the FBI will be able to clear all this up with the solid application of Miranda warnings to Al Qaeda members that we catch in the act of detonating IEDs.

We can win every battle in the field, but if this is how we're going to treat the enemy - rub down, shiatsu, and all expenses paid travel to either the island paradise or terrorist supporting nation of their choice - then we will most certainly lose the war.

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