Aug 26, 2009

'The Lion of the Senate' 

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Yeah, right...

You never want to speak ill of the dead, but in some cases... well... it's almost obligated. That being the case: so long Teddy. Mary Jo Kopechne* could not be reached for comment, but as far as I'm concerned, you were a Grade-A douche. (The counter-punch to that particular episode of douchiness is here. Check out the headline on that paper, by the way... that's right Teddy K was a douche on an international scale since before we put men on the moon.)

PS - I totally disagree with Michelle. If "not now," when? If you want to call me a monster for getting my shots in before he goes under the dirt, go ahead. But I intend to never speak the man's name again after this (if at all possible) and the history of damage that Teddy K has inflicted upon the country as he tried to implement an ever increasing amount of government control over everything is too great to go completely unspoken. "Not now"? What sense is there in talking about him later? As of right this second, I'm done with him.

*Fun fact: Mary Jo Kopechne was the #1 search on Google by 1PM EST today. Teddy's legacy is secure.

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