Aug 31, 2009

State Dept. reaches into hat, pulls out rabbit 

With the 70th Anniversary of the opening of WWII looming, as of one week ago the best America could produce to send to Poland for the memorial service was William Perry, the Clinton-era SecDef (one of 3, and not even the longest serving one, at that) . Seriously, fellas? An event featuring no less than 14 heads of state, to include Germany and Russia, and the best you pull out was William Perry? Somebody - taking a short pause from their rectal-cranial inversion syndrome - appointed retired Marine Commandant and current National Security Adviser James Jones to head up the American delegation.

This is a smart choice for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which being yet ANOTHER of Jones' prior jobs as the head of US European Command and the relationships he obviously would have developed in that capacity. In fact, if you aren't going to send POTUS hisself, Jones is
practically the obvious choice. Yet he was not named until less than three days out from the ceremony, after a hopelessly useless figure was initially announced, thereby making sure the Poles were good and agitated. Smooooooth...

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