Sep 11, 2009

We are letting them down 

When the mastermind of 9/11 goes from looking like a caricature of Super Mario come to life to being almost the spitting image of a squeaky-cleaned-up Osama bin Laden - after more than six years in US custody - we have done something horribly wrong. Apparently, the waterboarding doesn't have any side effects other than make you cleaner, make you look healthier, and give your spectacular new beard a bright shiny coat.

We are letting the victims of 9/11 down when we treat their killers like they are at a goddam spa that we just happen to never let them leave. The fact that that man thing still draws breath offends me.

Every word I said on the 5 year anniversary still holds. We are engaged in Afghanistan now with a re-found vigor. That's a good start. But until we get over this self-serving need to feel good about how we treat an enemy who would happily saw off every one of our heads with a rusty kitchen knife, we are letting down the victims of 11 September 2001... and we are setting the stage for the same thing to happen again to the rest of us.
UPDATE: "We've dishonored our dead and whitewashed our enemies."

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