Dec 23, 2009

Well, merry f***ing Christmas 

For a while now, I've seen this thing called "Echo" pop up when I go into Haloscan to moderate my comments. See, I've had Haloscan on this blog since before Blogger had a comment feature (six years!) and it's done two things for me: worked just fine and been free.

Now, "Echo" - whoever the hell they are - have bought out Haloscan and have given everyone two weeks notice to fork over 10 bucks annually, or lose every comment they've ever had. I'd consider paying if it weren't for the fact that this is basically A) extorsion, and B) all the reviews say Echo sucks. And, oh by the way, Blogger, being the helpful folks they are, won't let you import comments from other systems into their oh-so-precious Google-based comments system as far as I can tell.

If anybody knows how to move Haloscan comments en masse into Blogger please drop me a line or a link or a something. Worst case, I'll try to go back and manually copy and paste some of the more spectacular comments threads that have occurred, but I fear that I've come up against some unplanned and unwanted house cleaning...

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