Nov 10, 2011

Happy Birthday 

I've heard a tale told - I don't know if it's true or just a good sea story - about a very old, very retired, Chesty Puller, being invited to a birthday ball once as the guest of honor. After an introduction bordering on an hour by whoever the General officer was who preceded him, Chesty stepped to the podium. You could hear a pin drop. And the entirety of Chesty's remarks were as follows: he lifted his glass, slightly nodded his head, and said, "Marines..."

He then took his seat... to the sound of thunderous applause.

I tell you that, to tell you this. Sadly, I will not be able to make my annual Marine Corps Birthday music video this year. I just don't have the time. That, I couldn't find a song that I felt was worth a damn, and - if you read the post below this one - I'm still working through a feeling of general malaise...

All that being said, please enjoy my previous USMC Birthday offerings, below. But as for this year, "Marines..."

Chesty went to Korea to kill Commies and eat cake. Sadly for the Commies, he ran out of cake.


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