Mar 17, 2012

Lex, departing the pattern 

As I made the circuit around the web to check in on fellow Guinness lovers, I came to the sad realization that some news I had heard on the radio earlier in the week and had quickly prayed wasn't true, in fact was.

Lex has taken his last ride.

I heard that a retired Naval Aviator who was now performing civilian support to TOPGUN as an aggressor pilot had crashed, but the story did not provide a name. I quickly said a prayer for it not to be Lex, but I have been so busy I never checked on it until now.


I never met the man, but his ability to turn a phrase and his way around the English language always made me laugh. Others too, as evidenced by his "Milblog of the Year" win. He was a great American, and I don't know at what point he thought I wrote something that made me worth linking to, but he put me into his blogroll and his has been the site most responsible for my incoming links. On any given day, 50% or more of the people who come here, get here from Neptunus Lex.

Simply put, America, you have lost one of your finest sons. Fair winds and following seas, sir.

Video found via Castle Argghhh

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