Feb 19, 2004

On Dead Frenchmen and Marriage 

It seems that the New York Times has finally caught wind of something that was all over web news and blogs over a week ago. I'd like to think they found it through ME, but....

A Love That Transcends Death Is Blessed by the State

You know who we have to blame for this? de Gaulle. Why am I not surprised....

However, in a rare fit of sanity (and it pains me to use the word "sanity" in regards to this, but I digress), the French wrote up this "marrying dead people law" to include the following safeguard:

...to avoid abuses, the 1959 law bars such spouses from any inheritance as a result of their weddings. Posthumous nuptials can play a practical role if the woman left behind is pregnant, though, because children born after their father's death are considered heirs.
But the authorities are vigilant in preventing the law's exploitation. In one case a woman impregnated herself with her late boyfriend's sperm, only to have her request for marriage denied.
What an odd land. Just ask Jeff of Big Stick all about it. He's over there right now.

Ya like how I worked ya in there, Jeff?

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