Mar 23, 2010

Amerika... f@%k yeah? 

I personally have a good number of gripes with the medical care provided via the military medicine system known as Tricare. I've said here before that the military does shock/trauma better than anyone, but after that it can go south pretty fast, especially in the realm of family medicine. I've talked about the issue of the Feres Doctrine and the way it seems to take multiple independent concepts and shove them all together, to the benefit of no one... in fact, quite the opposite - it actually is pretty damn harmful. I have discussed the many dental woes I have encountered courtesy of both the Navy and Air Force - which is not to say that I ever had any one person who acted unprofessionally or without my best interests at heart, they were simply hamstrung by an exceedingly difficult and sometimes obstructionist system.

I know all these things. I also know that law makers, news pundits, basement bloggers, and the man on the street (according to multiple news stories... most of which seemed to have stopped right around 20 Jan 2009... odd that) all seem to think that military medicine should be improved, and that the VA is an especially egregious organization that needs to be completely overhauled because it's largely ineffective at doing what it's supposed to.

And now we're going to give a similar system to EVERYONE.

Well done, folks.

Just remember, we can't run across our borders for better health care like the Canadians and Mexicans can. And I guess, soon enough, neither can they...


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