Mar 27, 2004

I hate to do this... 

But I don't want to leave people scratching their heads.

The Marine Corps can be SO incondsiderate of people sometimes, but when was the last time they ever asked somebody their permission before they did something to 'em. So, to the point: this blog will be on a standby status until further notice. Sorry, but Mikey's gotta take his ball and go play somewhere else for awhile.

As some of you may know, I'm getting a new MOS (aka: job). Some of you out there even know what my old MOS was and what I'll be switching to. Some of you out there also know that this was not my idea, but like I said, "needs of the Marine Corps" and such. I'd prefer not to get into any of that right now. Someday, all answers will be revealed. Wait for the coming of the sign, then all prisoners will be released and Gozer the Traveler will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg. Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant Slor. Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you..... er sorry. Chanelling the Keymaster again... force of habit.

Anyway, I am excited to join this new field and to do something that I feel is important again, being as I was somewhat between jobs and working in a temporary position for the last year. This MOS will require me to go get 'edumacted' all over again. So, for about the next two months, you can expect to hear precious little from me. I'll try to pop in over weekends, but don't count on it. And if I post on a weekday, you may officially consider it manna from heaven. What it comes down to is this: blogging just got moved onto the back burner in a BIG way. While this is somewhat upseting, it feels pretty damn good to get back to doing some "real Marine Corps stuff."

That is all. Keep fighting the good fight my friends. I'll see ya when I see ya.

Semper Fi.


In the comments to the previous post, JarheadDad pointed out an MSNBC article that must be read if only for the following statement regarding Marines in Fallujah, Iraq:

The 1st Marine Expeditionary Force issued a statement saying it was “conducting offensive operations ... to foster a secure and stable environment for the people.” It went on to say that "some have chosen to fight. Having elected their fate, they are being engaged and destroyed.”
JarheadDad also pointed out that the article removed the little factiod about the Army having not been into downtown Fallujah (also known as 'Saddam-love Central') in two months. The best you get is "In recent months, American troops have rarely ventured into downtown Fallujah, one of the most dangerous areas in Iraq for the U.S. military."

Well, THAT has come to an end. There's a new sheriff in town - and he wears a digital camouflage pattern. In the Marines' first official week of running the show over there, I think it's being made clear that whatever safe havens the local insurgents had before, they're going to be cleaned out most riki-tik.

Here's the same article at FoxNews - nothing different, just some more pictures available.

Notice, however, the NY Times' slightly more edited version of the above statement:

[In a statement released early Saturday, the Marine Corps said it was carrying out "offensive operations in Falluja in order to foster a secure and stable environment for the people" of Al Anbar Province. The statement offered no details about casualties but indicated that marines were moving swiftly to crush the insurgents.]
Hmmm... the original wording a little too strong and positive for them? Can't make a press statement without mentioning casualties? Or does the word "crush" just play better to the crowd that thinks Marines are over there killing babies and drinking their blood?

Well, overall, it's a pretty good article, and does quote an Iraqi who says "that a slim majority of the locals supported the Americans, but that they were too afraid to say so, fearing that the insurgents would kill them." Hopefully, with the Marines bringing back an American presence to the city, these Iraqis will gain some confidence and help drive out the bad guys.

UPDATE: Doc Russia weighs in on this radical new idea that the Marines are trying out. Something about locating, closing with, and destroying the enemy...

Mar 26, 2004

Holy Crap! 

I gotta read Little Green Footballs more often. Because THIS was just too good to miss.

Fired Female Saudi Sounds Off

Female Saudi journalist Wajiha al Huwayder, fired from the Saudi newspaper Al Watan because she “damaged the foundations of the nation and wrote about issues not permitted by Shari’a,” has posted an incredibly biting article on the web that attacks “the pathetic men of the East:” Single life beats marriage to an emasculated man.

“Most Arab men have been emasculated since they were young. They have no power to give, and therefore they are incapable of granting a respectable life to anyone. There are no exceptions here, according to the rule that says: A person who lacks something, is unable to give it.”

From here Al Huwayder embarks, together with her female readers, on a journey around the Arab countries.

“Let’s begin with the original land of the Arabs, Saudi Arabia. The most important characteristic borne by the men of this country is the impotence complex....
I'm not makin' this stuff up! She ACTUALLY WROTE THIS! In a land where shoplifting gets hands cut off, and rape victims have been stoned to death for dishonoring the family, a WOMAN had THE BALLS to write this! What are you still doing here? Go read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Also found at LGF, Al Jazeera says that Israel 'fabricated' the child-bomber story. Know thy enemy, folks...

Mar 25, 2004

Bending search engines to your will 

Somebody figured out how to reeeeally make Google his biach... check it out.

Art imitating... something... 

What exactly, I'm not sure. But I can tell you that my fictional life is proving to be as, if not, more interesting than my real one lately.

First, Harvey had me go toe to toe and pint for pint with the Instapundit, and now the Bull (who, technically speaking is a Cow... but don't tell HER that) has me meeting with space aliens as part of an interstellar blogger coalition, or some such. Best part: I get to escort Helen to the meeting.

You mean all it takes for that to happen is possible world wide destruction, and alien decimation? Sign me up!

Mar 22, 2004

After-Action Report 

Harvey has included me in another filthy lie after-action report regarding the never-ending fight against the murderous madman that sits atop the blogging world's throne, Glenn Reynolds. And this time it's personal: Guinness is being held hostage!

Matty: Ok, Harvey, what's the plan?

Harv: We just go in, and ask Glenn politely to please, in the spirit of international cooperation, return the nation's supply of real Guinness and not do mean things to the poor, besotted Irish anymore. And to pretty please be nice from now on.

Matty: I said "Harvey", not "Kerry"!

Harv: Oh. Sorry. Go in, kick Glenn's ass, and rescue the Guinness with extreme prejudice.

Mike: OOOO! Me likey!
The whole thing is, for lack of a better word,...


Mar 19, 2004

Stuff the news doesn't tell you about 

This is a letter written by a Marine currently in Iraq. I've removed some place names and individual Marines' names for security purposes. Though there is NO sensitive info in the unedited version, I prefer to be doubly sure on this stuff. Trust me when I say that this is a valid letter, as I'm familiar with the author. All emphasis is MINE, made only to point out the things that you don't seem to see on CNN and the like.

Dear Families and Friends of XXXX,
All of XXXX (reinforced) units have safely reached their respective Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) in Iraq. The majority of the [Marines are] located at FOB XXXXXXXX XXXX in XX XXXXXX, Al Anbar Province.

Here at XXXXXXXX XXXX we have a chow hall that serves three good meals daily in clean and pleasant surroundings. Our showers are now operational but the hot water is used up quickly. Telephone and internet service are provided in three tents located at various places on the camp with between 12-20 computers and 6-12 phones each. Time on these is limited to 30 minutes including log in time. Depending on the time of day we can wait from 5 to 30 minutes for an available phone or terminal. There are as well three weightroom tents with machines and free weights, they are small but well equipped.

Your Marines and Sailors are living in hardside tents with concrete floors, heat, and air conditioning but a tent roof. Most have bunk beds of dubious quality but still a step up from a cot. They spend most of their days preparing for or conducting missions.

This FOB is operated by the XXXXXX of the Army's 1st Infantry Division, from Fort Riley, Kansas. They have been here for six months and will be here another six. We work for them and they work for the 1st Marine Division. They are treating us very well.

[Other Marines are] located some distance from us at FOB XXXXX with some other units. Their life is much more austere, living in bunkers and eating MRE's. We are working on upgrading their conditions. The people in their area seem to be very pro coalition and genuinely friendly.

The Marines and Sailors are doing very well and demonstrating all that is best about America. Three Marines this past week stood out in their professionalism and humanity; while participating in a vehicle patrol with an Army unit. The Patrol encountered an overturned truck in a canal and due to the gathering crowd could not pass. When the Marines learned an Iraqi man was trapped underwater in the truck they dismounted the vehicle, Sergeant Lxxxx established a secure perimeter while Sergeants Bxxxx and Wxxxx dropped their gear and entered the canal pulling the driver out. While the driver could not be resuscitated by an Iraqi doctor on the scene, the attitude of the crowd was noticeably and favorably changed when the Marines emerged from the water. Sergeants Lxxxx, Bxxxx, and Wxxxx demonstrated the very definition of our ethos "No better friend, no worse enemy." You should be proud of these Marines, I am.
Keep us in your prayers, my time on the internet is about up.

Semper Fidelis

Mar 18, 2004

Terrain Appreciation 

The LT has begun his drive east to Fort Bragg from Seattle. This was a long, and actually quite fun trip that I made myself a few years back - well... as fun as a 3000 mile drive by yourself can be. And my destination wasn't Fort Bragg obviously, being as I'm a Marine. And I didn't go through South Dakota, I went through Nebraska. And... what was my point?

Oh yeah, go keep Chad company as he embarks on the beginning of his career in the best Army in the world. Too bad it's still not the best fighting force in the world (nudge nudge wink wink), but we'll give him one anyway...

Mar 17, 2004

News update 

In a startling display of naked aggression and imperialistic unilateral action today, America expressed it's desire to take over a small Caribbean nation and incorporate it into the country... oh wait.

This just in. The imperialistic and evil plan is NOT part of a U.S. strategy, but is in fact being perpetrated by... Canada? Huh? Who fact-checked this?

Meanwhile, Venezuela continues to think it's far more important to America than it really is. Even though it's number 4 in oil exports to the United States, President Bush was today quoted as saying that he preferred Iraqi to Venezuelan because it "has been tested in fire, can stand pressure longer, and is free flowing and filled with less sludge and detritus." Asked if he thought Iraqi oil would be forthcoming in large quantities for export in the coming months, the President said, "Oh... were we supposed to be talking about oil?"

When informed that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had promised to wage a "100 year war" against the United States if it ever invaded Venezuela, Bush's answer proved unintelligible through fits of laughter, but the phrase "he thinks he's that important" was clearly audible between the guffaws. Film at 11...

And in entertainment news, Forrest Gump's Platoon Commander visits wounded GI's at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and vows to become first mate on shrimpin' boat. Mike the Marine is quoted as saying, "Ooh-rah. Good on 'em."

Mar 16, 2004

Rhyme time 

The Mollbot does poetry...who knew?... Okay, so he pulls out some Rudyard Kipling and it's not an original Mollbot creation. Probably better for all concerned...

Maybe somebody should read this one to Spain...

I am awfully verbose 

Just not here.

I just realized that I've taken over the comments section at Deuddersun's. He has the upgraded Haloscan comments with a 3000 character limit as opposed to my 1000... and I just had to post twice to complete a thought over there. Sheesh, I'm talkative. I thought, "Too bad it's not on my own blog." Until now.

Go check out D's Since You Didn't Ask, I'll Tell You Anyway... post, and see if you can't show him the light on some of this stuff. Remember, play nice.

Mar 13, 2004

Ummm... yo no hablo? 

Via the Mad One:

May barbarians invade your personal space!
Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant!
"May barbarians invade your personal space!"
You are highly confrontational and possibly in a
bad mood. You would have sworn in this quiz,
if I had made it an option.

Which Weird Latin Phrase Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

One for the Navy 

Mikey, you're right there in San Diego. Know anything about this?

www.midwayphantom.com (Warning: LOUD MIDI file - turn your speakers down unless you want to get blasted with "Anchors Aweigh")

The USS Midway (CVA-41) is now berthed at the Navy Pier at the foot of Broadway in downtown San Diego and is in the process of being converted into "The San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum" (SDACM). The opening date is targeted for the first week of June, 2004 to coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of Midway.

Midway fighters accounted for both the FIRST and the LAST air combat victories of the Vietnam War!

Therefore, the drive is underway to raise the required $40,000 necessary to authentically paint and prepare for display aboard Midway, an F-4 Phantom II in the colors and markings of The Freelancers of Fighter Squadron Twenty-One (VF-21) and The Chargers of Fighter Squadron One Six One (VF-161). The names of the "first & last" aviators listed above, will be placed on the canopy rails in the traditional manner. The names of all Midway Mig killers will be placed on the intake ramp of the aircraft.

Because this aircraft represents the Beginning through the End of air-to-air combat in Vietnam, it symbolically commemorates the combat operations conducted by all Navy Phantom squadrons, and salutes the courage and dedication of all Navy Phantom flyers and Phantom fixers of the Vietnam War.
I'll bet that Lex has some interest in this, as well.

Ya go away for 2 seconds... 

... and new blogs appear. The latest is by Marine, American, dirty clean hippie, and all-around good guy Deuddersun. Yes - he's a CLEAN hippie... and armed. I've come to find that he's a bit of an enigma like that.

While me and D don't typically see eye to eye, he's been a friend of this blog and civil in his disagreements... which is much more than I can say for some people. He of course, began his life on the net at Any Which Way, but now has his own place as well. So, welcome aboard, Deuddersun! Glad to have ya.

And everybody else: play nice. D's blog is kinda like mine... but with the polarity flipped.

Mar 6, 2004

"Have gone to fight the Indians Red Force. 

Back when the war training exercise is over."

- General Archibald Henderson, 1836

- Mike the Marine, 2004

UPDATE 13 March 2004: Back from the Ex. MRE’s consumed. Motivation level increased.

Would have posted yesterday, but my cable modem is on the fritz. I’m typing this in Word and will be putting it out as a burst transmission when the thing starts playing nice again.

Happy to report that Red Force was resoundingly crushed by overwhelmingly superior Blue technology and tactics. AH-1W Cobras, AV-8B Harriers, EA-6B Prowlers, elements of 2nd Recon, and whole lot of emerging technology in the way of communication, imagery, and datalink capability was brought to bear on the Red Force. Pretty cool to see video from a Harrier-borne Litening II targeting pod of yourself and know that if I was a bad guy, I’d be smoked right now. Gives me a warm fuzzy.

Mar 5, 2004

Hmm... must have hit a nerve... 

In the last three days I have received around 30 or so emails that I can only consider to be spam. I think Ken my 'Stifled Dissenter' rounded up all his buddies (both of them) and is launching a "tactical strike" on my email inbox, much like he's tried in the past with Mad Mikey. I already canned the first 20 or so, but the ones I have right now are mostly forwards from newspapers or online news services.

The titles are as wide and varied as "Reality 1, Neocons 0 - by William S. Lind," "Knight Ridder debunks Saddam-al Qaeda link," and "Joe Conason: Gay marriage foes wedded to hypocrisy." I find that last one especially interesting, considering that I have never once broached the subject of gay marriage on this blog, and I never will. It's not that I don't have an opinion, it's just that I have set up a box for myself and what I will include here... and that subject is so far outside my box, that it's closer to the Mars lander than it is to being on this blog.

I'd like to thank whoever's sending these things, though. I was starting to think I wasn't loved.

Mar 4, 2004

The big elbow from the top rope 

I usually don't bother with participating in The Alliance's Precision Guided Humor assignments. My ability to conjure up the funny pales in comparison to guys like Don, Harvey, and the Hippie-Beater-in-Chief Frank J. But being as I somewhat inspired this week's assignment, I'd be remiss to sit this one out.

You see, our good friend Jeff has been stranded behind enemy lines in France. His secret callsign is Iron Eagle Tinfoil Croissant. In the last few days, he's run into trouble when confronted by some furriners that don't like the good ol' U S of A. Now Jeff is not one to suffer an insult to his homeland, and asked for some assistance in rebutting their claims. I, also not one to suffer such insults, was more than happy to help.

He was assailed most recently by a Venezuelan who said some nasty things. So, lifted straight from BigStick's comments section, and presented as my entry for Precision Guided Humor, here's my response...

Here’s how I see the conversation:

Venezuelan: The US only went into Iraq because of the oil. They're going to take all of the oil, and sell it to fund their global imperialism.

Jeff: Well Christ I hope so! Ya know, we could have done that back in ’91 (like all you nutjobs accused us of then, too) when we had the older, wiser Bush, a REAL international coalition, and over twice the manpower! I mean, we could have been BATHING in crude for over a decade, but NOOOO. We had to go and let Saddam, Kofi Annan, the French, and the Russians get all the goodies out of that whole “Oil for Food” Program. That should be OURS! I’m tired of winning wars in oil rich countries only to watch my gas prices go up for a year. Oh yeah… regular unleaded is up to $1.70 a gallon! If I’m not paying pennies to fill my tank by the end of the year, we’ll have to invade Iran.

Hey, I just thought of something… if we were stealing all the oil back in ’91 (as I’m sure you were shouting then, too) how can we be stealing it again? Shouldn’t Iraq be totally DRY by now?

Venezuelan: United States free trade has killed the Venezuelan economy and they're on the path to do it again.

Jeff: Wait… you guys have an economy? That’s news to me… What do you use down there? Shells? Beads? Oh wait…. Bolivars. Hey, what’s the current exchange rate on the Bolivar? Hey it’s only 1976 Bolivar to the Dollar today. Yep, the bottom is falling out of the Bolivar. But it has been since the middle of the Clinton Administration so THAT’s nothing new. Before that… who knows? Apparently nobody cared enough to find out until 1995.

Venezuelan: I think that 9/11 wasn't enough. The United States is going to fall in my lifetime because they shit on everyone else in the world

Jeff: It’s not that we shit on everyone. We just don’t care. I mean think about it. How much does the average Venezuelan know about… sayyyyy… Andorra? I mean it’s a small country, on another continent, that produces nothing, and has no impact on Venezuela’s policies or day to day life. Well… YOU’RE our Andorra. We don’t give a flying fuck about you. You could fall off the world tomorrow and we wouldn’t even notice. America – love us or hate us – if we imploded tomorrow, EVERYBODY would feel it somehow. But all you little guys… whatever.

So why don’t you stop getting high on your own supply, and go get me a cup a coffee there, Juan Valdez. Oh wait… he’s not Venezuelan? Well, see? I DON’T CARE. Get to stepping Juan… lots of sugar, lots of cream.
Jeff was good enough to point out that while some Columbians Venezuelans are jerks, not all are so insulting. Let it be known that my Precision Weaponry is only aimed at the jerks.

UPDATE: The Venezuelan Bolivar rallied for a comeback today, and is now worth 1917.6 to the dollar. Way to go! See, the big bad USA just can't keep those guys down!

Mar 3, 2004

The Most Accurate Quiz Yet 

No truer words were ever spoken...

Which Survivor of the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse Are You?
A Rum and Monkey joint.

More irritating than even that kid who you took a dislike to at school, you'll live on as one of the many reasons you'll never want to go back to being a child. The annoying laugh, that needling competitiveness with everything you do, the desire to be better, meaner, first, first, first, first, first ...

Remember when you taped his buttocks together, hung him from a tree and then swung from his gonads, chanting "I am the monkey king"? Even a full scale nuclear apocalypse won't shake off the little bastard, apparently.
Of course, when I was actually in school, I was the nice kid. I've since devolved evolved.

found courtesy of Random Nukes, and it comes from someplace called Rum and Monkey... how cool is that?

The Post that came from the back of the Cupboard 

Three things.

First: I don't know WHERE this bottle of Bicardi Limon came from, we're running low on mixers, and it's Wednesday. But training is continuous, and rehearsals are where you make your money. So let it be known that Bicardi Limon and Mountain Dew, while not initially as good as it sounds, ain't half bad after your second one.

Second: Raging Dave has a funny post up about Marine Corps rules for gunfighting. It's an oldie, but a goodie. Here's a taste -
10. Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.

11. Always cheat; always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.
And third: This isn't new either but I just came across it again, and laughed myself silly.

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker

Mar 1, 2004

Stand the Hell by... 

All right, it’s go time. You are about to witness the ravings of one pissed off Marine. And I’ve got Patton playing in the other room, so this is likely to be loud, long, and vulgar. I’ll just get right to the point and tell you what put me over the edge today. Maureen Dowd.

That’s right. That little poodle-felching wench has finally pushed my hot button. Usually I’ll just laugh off her shite. Hey, she can spout her opinion as much as she wants. Hell, she gets paid to do that. But I can finally confirm that I wouldn’t piss on her to put her out if she was on fire. Besides, it wouldn't help. Napalm is pretty sticky.

It was typical laugh-off blather until right here:

“... Bush officials act as though they own 9/11, even while refusing to own up to any 9/11 mistakes.
Because of 9/11, they think they can suspend the Constitution, blow off investigators, attack nations pre-emptively, and keep Americans afraid by waging a war against terrorism that can never be won.”
That’s right: We CANNOT win. EVER. So speaks the font of military knowledge and foreign policy brilliance that IS Maureen “Poodle-felcher” Dowd.

Well, I guess we ougtha just throw in the fucking towel right now huh? Pack your bags folks. Lets us ALL walk over the cliff into the sea. We need to clear out New York and LA and DC and Chicago and Miami and Seattle and the whole fucking country and just hand it over to Al-Qaeda, Hamas, the Al-Asqua Martyrs Brigade and all the rest. We CAN’T win. It’s a for-fucking-gone conclusion. Hit the showers. We’re callin’ up the bullpen and puttin’ in the Lefty. Thanks for playing.

I’d like to respond to the statement made by the new SecDef, MIIIZZZ Dowd with the following:

She quotes 9/11 commission member Bob Kerry as saying: "To declare war on terrorism, it seems to me to have the target wrong," he said. "It would be like after the 7th of December, 1941, declaring war on Japanese planes. We declared war on Japan. We didn't declare war on their tactic. . . . Terrorism is a tactic."

Yeah well, riddle me this: assuming that Al-Qaeda is dead and buried (which it isn’t, but we’ll just assume) does that mean we’ve won? Are we safe then? Or is it maybe a little more like THIS?

And here’s some other shit that pissed me off today. Haiti. That’s right Haiti. And the fact that everybody’s falling all over themselves now to go unscrew that place because it’s just “the right thing to do.”

Now, when I got the brief on Haiti, I don’t recall hearing about it’s vast stockpiles of oil, or it’s huge collection of bio-weapons. So the question becomes, WHY IS IT OKAY TO GO LIBERATE AND STABILIZE ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE AND NOT ANOTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE.

What? Do we need to think that the Hatians have nukes for it to be a bad idea to go there? I mean, if they were a terrorist training ground with possible ties to 9/11 and had openly applauded the deaths of Americans, would it then have been a BAD IDEA to go there? “No blood for…. uh… mangoes?” What the fuck, over?

Ohhhh, wait. This is okay because the French and the UN are in on it… THAT’S it. Here’s the quote from Kofi Annan that I just loved:

"I know some of them may think it (the council action) is a bit late, but it's better late than never and we will do whatever we can to support them”
Kofi Annan, ladies and gents. There he is, in all his glory. “Oh, we’re a little behind, but we’re on it now. Pssstt… hey uhhh, George…. yeah, ummm…. We’re a little short on Blue-Helmets right now, and we know that you’ve got some long-standing experience with this kind of stuff, soooo…. ummm… could ya maybe spot us a couple Marines?”

Sure Kof. We’ll unfuck your mess one more time. Why, not? It’s not like we’ve got anything else going on.

Anybody want to know how to do a UN salute? Hold your arms straight out at your sides, palms up. Now bring your elbows down until they touch your ribs, then move your shoulders up and down and make a sound not unlike “eyduno”. Theeeerrrreee ya go.

Oh, here’s the other fun thing from today. Jean-Bertrand Aristide was kidnapped. That’s right… We know this because Congresswoman Maxine Waters got a phone call from him. You know, that whole "proof-of-life" thing so that we could prove we hadn't killed him and then still get our ransom money. Yeah... like that.

He wasn’t crying like a little bitch for the US to safely escort him out of the country to keep from being lynched by his own people. NOOOOOO NO. The Sooper-Secret-Squirrel Snatch & Grab Squad of the US Marine Corps’ Ghost-Shadow-Spooky Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st Teletransportation Regiment beamed his ass onto a private jet with leather seats, champagne, and warm hand-towels. Oh, did I mention it was a “No Lynching” flight?

I have a buddy in that Platoon that kidnapped Aristide. Oh yeah. But he told me that if I told anybody about it, they’d have to be kidnapped as well…. to wherever they wanted to go… with champagne service and warm towels. Who wants to go first?

So, to sum up, I’m sick to death of the defeatism, the hypocrisy, and the utter asininity that has overrun the perimeter around here. I trust terrorists before I trust Maureen Dowd, Kofi Annan, and Maxeen Waters. At least when the terrorists say they want to kill me, I know they mean it. When those other assclowns starts running their sucks, you never know what you’re gonna get. But you can be sure it’ll be delivered with a sneer, a shrug, and a steaming bag of shit.


Rounds complete. Out.

Another Heart and Mind for the Corps 

Blackfive has finally come to the realization that the Army needs to look more like the Marine Corps if it wants to remain effective.

It's okay, Matt... that stinging pain of truth will subside eventually...


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